Friday, 1 February 2013

Take me back!!


Out and about

What I didn't expect are in the shots to follow? Was the huge divide between working class and rich properties. There were chickens, cockerels and dogs loose and in abundance. And the road kill - monkeys and mongoose!

Corrugated tin seems to be the preferred roofing material - noisy in the rainy season I bet


The spice market

We visited a great market with gorgeous traditional Caribbean outfits (couldn't resist a top for our great niece) exotic flowers, fruit and veg, rum punch and spices in abundance.


Out and about in the Caribbean


Having never been to the Caribbean before, my expectations were of brightly coloured wood clad properties in tones of lime green, fuchsia pinks, canary yellows, varying shades of white and bright blues.
Along with some oldie worlde french architecture, lush great foliage, exotic flowers, huge palm trees and soft sandy beaches. I was not disappointed and I got some fabulous shots. The whole way of life in the Caribbean is very relaxed and steady, there are not timetables at bus stops and lunches are long. The easy going relaxed approach is very pleasant and I corrected myself many a time when I started to rush, to just relax with the pace.




On board the Clipper

Being on a small ship we did not escape the queueing to get on board but it is soon forgotten.   I enjoyed this so much and really hope M will agree to do it again. It is my kind of cruising.

This was our cabin view for the week

I gained a new friend, that is as arty farty as me  (Yes, that's you Carolyn) when it comes to pictures and the ship offers some truly gorgeous pictures.  we had fun snapping it from different angles and at different times of day to catch the light.

There is a lot of pomp and ceremony when we are going under sail and at the beginning if the cruise we were racing beside a smaller clipper - brilliant fun!

I had hoped that the dolphins would be visible at the front of the ship and that we could lay in the bow nets whilst they were leaping. we saw them but it didn't happened as I hoped
The food and staff on board made the trip perfect!


Winter in Barbados

Luck was on our side when we opted for our winter break this year as just after we left it snowed and cleared again the night before we go home.
Together with our friends M& J we flew to the Barbados to relax for a few days before joining a seven day clipper cruise around the Winwood islands.

The first morning in our hotel we gained a new feathered friend and a very friendly little chap he is - no doubt accustomed to charming the residents of the hotel.  I am sure if we had stayed a few days more he would have been eating out of M's hand and he would certainly have gained a name.
On our first day we took the underwater submarine tour. This was booked as a surprise for J as he had done it before and was insistent that we should all do it and that we would enjoy it.  of course we all had great fun pretending that it was not something that we would want to do and even feigned fear of going on an underwater trip.  Can recommend it as id was very good. We have read that the night time trip is even better but we had dinner reservations for the evening at the cliff so could not do that.
The Cliff restaurant was great, fabulous food and wine, it's right on the water front and the tarpon and the sting rays appear each evening for a feed. 
Our table was the one on the bottom left.  
One day of relaxation and then off on our cruise!