Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Favourite things

This is another favourite thing and one of the many bargains we have purchased from Ebay. It's an original old frame which has been reupholstered and sits perfectly in the spare bedroom.  


Cuba - Jan 2014

We spent Christmas 2013 in France with our friends and as soon as that was over we hopped on a plane together heading for Cuba. 

The vintage cars are a real delight to see and ride in

We started off our stay in Havana and loved it and the characters we met along the way.

The architecture is stunning and we came across this square which had had a face lift and wow it was gorgeous. 

There are however many areas where residents cannot afford the luxury of giving their homes a face lift.  it is quite humbling to realize just how spoilt and free the rest of us are in comparison


More transport examples


One thing that can't be missed whilst in Havana is a hight out at the Tropicana

M would like our light fitting to look like this!

For some reason I don't have the same magic to get him up on the dance floor, wonder what her secret is?

We found this stunning chemist with original old cabinets and potion bottles

The final week of our trip was off to a resort to chill out - shame the weather was not on our side!
But a rest is a rest!


The Poppy Line - Nov 2013

We took a trip out with our old neighbours D&G the other week on the Poppy Line.  Its a trip with a meal from Holt in Norfolk through to Sherrigham and back again (a couple of times to ensure you finish the meal).

The train id beautiful to see and the staff (all volunteers) really get into the swing of it - A VERY RECOMMENDED TRIP!