Thursday, 13 December 2012

Christmas is Coming

I love Christmas decorations and the first couple of years after moving in we made room for a large Christmas tree (approx 7 foot) to the left of the fireplace in the Kitchen. For quite a few years now we have been away over the festive period so haven't bothered with the hassle of one - seems extravagant to pay out for one and not be there to enjoy it.  So no tree again this year but we have got quite a few dinner parties so needed to do some decorating to give that festive feel.
A nice little welcome at the front door

I have gone for a touch of purple on the mantelpiece in to the lounge this year and have utilised the trees baubles in glass jars.  I collect mouse figures (will feature those another time) and my latest mouse purchase temporarily has pride of place on the mantle.

At the windows in the kitchen I have added some berry garlands and a pretty berry heart, simple but effective.   I hope to get this next picture again but with a snowy or at least thick frost background.

More baubles in a bowl on the dining table

M doesn't like me to go too mad in his study with the decs - so have kept it low key, although I did manage to catch him out with Ruddy our little cuddly reindeer, who I placed on the study armchair.  He is movement sensitive and starts shaking his arms and legs around with the greeting HO HO HO MERRY CHRISTMAS. I stepped forward to encourage Ruddy's little greeting the other day only to realise M had turned him off. He'll be back on for visitors this weekend!!  A few years back he was kidnapped at our family party, yep we were sent ransom instructions - so he is part of the family now.  I'll probably need to place him somewhere higher this weekend to ensure our canine visitors are not tempted.

The garland on the fireplaces in the study are so subtle you almost miss them!

Again the decs in the study window are my version of subtle!

More pictures after this weekends dinner weekend !