Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Family & Friends

We have a new member to the family and we paid him a visit this weekend. 

Meet Sami our great nephew born on 21st September, 2012. Our great niece, now 3 is a gorgeous wee thing and we gather she has taken to her new brother very well.  On first meeting him at the hospital she enquired "Is he real?"  and then on further investigation asked "Can we keep him?"  We bought presents and didn't want our great niece to feel left out so we bought her a present too.  Knowing how she loves to sing and dance we bought her a fluffy and glittery star shaped rug.

We (all us adults that is) thought it was great but our niece decided it was far more fun climbing into the wrapper - typical eh!!!

Thanks for the visit Carly - your children are totally gorgeous, we really enjoyed meeting Sami and look forward to watching him grow up!

We enjoyed the rest of our day with a trip to Stamford for lunch and a walk along the riverside. Stamford is such a lovely place and there is always something on.  My arty farty side got busy with the camera again!