Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Prettying things up

Introduced a new bird cage into the garden this year.  The birds really seem to like it as it is a secure area to eat without getting picked off by a passing sparrow hawk.


Happy Birthday D

Our friend D also celebrated her 50th - celebrated with a ladies day at Ascot


Happy Birthday P!

My brother celebrated his 50th  in October


Rome Sept 2015

Mum and I headed off to Rome this time. 
Thought it would be a little more leisurely than previous trips - how wrong can you be!  We walked more on this trip than any to date and I would live to know how many steps we climbed, should have worn a pedometer.

Our hotel Palazzo Cadinal Cesi (we can recommend this one), was just in front of St Peters Basilica and had a lovely little garden where we relaxed with a glass of wine every evening.

Locals were very friendly (had a laugh with this) but decided not to bring one home with us

Couldn't resist this picture


Our first Saga

Booked a Saga trip with friends J&S (Woody's mum and dad) starting off in Vegas and travelling through to San Francisco. We had a trifficcck (in house joke) time!  The pace was very leisurely!!

Our friends J & M
J and I making friends with the local cowboys
M scares me sometimes, when he stands so close to the edge

Years ago we did a trip to San Francisco and our picture with the bridge in the background was not very clear at all, it looked like the bridge was hidden in fog 


Meet Cocoa

Loving dogs but not able to have our own, full time, we have joined an agency called Barking Mad where we look after other peoples dogs when they are holiday.  It is working very well for us and our first visitor was Cocoa and she has stopped with us three times so far.  She is so very lovely and has melted my heart - I would adopt her in a instant forgetting all practicalities. 


Prettying things up

Taking on an office to live in has been an exciting and fun experience.  Throughout we have tried to keep as many of the office features as we could.  There were some areas though, that needed the homely touch, like the light fittings - there was nothing there except the ceiling rose and just a wire and a single bulb.  
We chose 6 large matching chandeliers for the main rooms downstairs, tinny single bulb shabby chic for the upstairs bedrooms and although I fancied tradition Georgian style lanterns for the hallway and vestibule, we couldn't really afford the expense so instead opted for these 


New Year 2015

New Year 2015 we headed off with our dear friends M&J on a West Caribbean Cruise.
We all had a lovely time but coming back we picked up a stinker of a cold each and spent the whole of the next week in bed.

Our cabin was right at the back and it was great to sit and read with this view

This was a first for us to see so many cruise ships in one port


Disneyland Paris - Sept 2014

Think mum is going through a crisis of sorts as her choice for our holiday for Sept 2014 was Disneyland Paris!  As always, we walked lots and had plenty of giggles along the way.

We have both been to Disneyland Florida (although not together) and the difference we thought was quite noticeable and that's not just the weather.  we finished the trip off with a few days in Paris and managed to find a nice little boutique hotel, the Villa des Ambassaduers, very clean but bijou.  Although small we can recommend it



Prettying things up

We socialise quite a lot, our waistlines bare testament to this along with our choice of decoration in the house.  We have a collection of champagne tops and have displayed them in frames on our kitchen wall and as and when we get new ones, we remove/replace any duplications, any excuse to open another bottle. 


New Floor - April 2014

The back room (never really know what to call it as it doesn't really have a use other than to get to and from the back door) our kitchen and the back hall all had different floor surfaces, tile wood and carpet. We had lots of dips and movement so when we took it on board to change it all we were shocked that the joists underneath were either missing or collapsed. 
Having had several parties over the years it is a wonder us and our guests didn't fall through.
Getting the joists sorted was our first priority - what a mess too, but the end result is just gorgeous.


Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Favourite things

This is another favourite thing and one of the many bargains we have purchased from Ebay. It's an original old frame which has been reupholstered and sits perfectly in the spare bedroom.  


Cuba - Jan 2014

We spent Christmas 2013 in France with our friends and as soon as that was over we hopped on a plane together heading for Cuba. 

The vintage cars are a real delight to see and ride in

We started off our stay in Havana and loved it and the characters we met along the way.

The architecture is stunning and we came across this square which had had a face lift and wow it was gorgeous. 

There are however many areas where residents cannot afford the luxury of giving their homes a face lift.  it is quite humbling to realize just how spoilt and free the rest of us are in comparison


More transport examples


One thing that can't be missed whilst in Havana is a hight out at the Tropicana

M would like our light fitting to look like this!

For some reason I don't have the same magic to get him up on the dance floor, wonder what her secret is?

We found this stunning chemist with original old cabinets and potion bottles

The final week of our trip was off to a resort to chill out - shame the weather was not on our side!
But a rest is a rest!


The Poppy Line - Nov 2013

We took a trip out with our old neighbours D&G the other week on the Poppy Line.  Its a trip with a meal from Holt in Norfolk through to Sherrigham and back again (a couple of times to ensure you finish the meal).

The train id beautiful to see and the staff (all volunteers) really get into the swing of it - A VERY RECOMMENDED TRIP!