Sunday, 26 May 2013

Our hobbies & collections

I'm into horses, dogs, I have a collection mouse (not really sure how it started) and cockerel ornaments. M is into fishing (fly mainly but has also done quite a bit of sea game fishing), model ship building, reading up on the American Civil War and tackling the many many DIY challenges the house offers.

This is George Brown, the brown trout (caught by M) that adorns his study wall. Below it as a beak off a 100lb Sail fish he caught in the Maldives on a boys fishing trip. 

The mice collection is growing - I started off with one that I placed on the wooden ledge above the stairs, now they are getting into every room of the house.  They add character, well it is my excuse!


Thursday, 16 May 2013

Birthday Weekend

Had a fabulous bank holiday weekend in France, lots of fun and laughter!
We celebrated J's 75th birthday, with friends X&S and their children J &B.  We pet name B, one of the children with SB, short for Sexy Beast and he really is turning into one so there is no way he is going to loose that little label. He has just joined Gendarmerie school and looks very fine in his uniform.

Every year we celebrate our wedding anniversary with  X&S as they married two weeks after we did.  Any excuse for a party and we always have so much fun!  This year will be as in the past they come and stay for a weekend with us and then we head back to their hometown in France to have our party. This year there will be a difference "Charlie" has his pet passport and will be coming too. He's a lovely family dog and we look forward to welcoming him.